10 places to get all the tech you can handle

 Are you immersed in technology?  It’s one thing to use all the cool gadgetry that’s coming out almost every day, but it’s another to really understand what’s going on in our automated and somewhat advanced world.  We’ve got the answer to your need for education.

Actually, WebTopTenz.com has your answer with their Top 10 Tech News Websites list.  Check it out through the link.  Here’s a recap.

1. TechCrunch.com

New tech, tech news and new gadgets – all this and more from one of the world’s leading technology sites.

2. TheNextWeb.com

Covering the business and culture of technology and plenty of info about what’s new.  This site gets 10 million page views per month.

3. Wired.com

Learn about future tech trends, the latest gadgets, science, entertainment, business and who knows what else.  Particularly good resource for web development pros.

4. Tech2.com

Get the scoop on tablets, gaming devices, laptops, home theaters, TVs and more.  You can watch videos and enter contests and learn stuff you never knew existed.

5. Gizmodo.com

Focused primarily on gadgets of all kinds, the site also presents news about Apple IOS, android and the latest Windows operating systems.

6. Mashable.com

Stay connected with all the news, info and resources you need.  This is a very active online news community.  With videos about the hottest tech products and with 6 million social media followers you (probably) can’t go wrong.

7. TheVerge.com

If you’re a tech freak, here’s a good place to freak out.  Includes product info and reviews plus views on how technology affects society.

8. DigitalTrends.com

Here’s the place for up-to-date news about gaming products, mobile devices, home theaters, computers and a lot more.  There’s also coverage of photography, music and cars.

9. TechRadar.com

Increase your overall tech knowledge.  They rate the new mobiles and tablets and provide news about android operating systems.

10. Technorati.com

A useful site for bloggers and owners of tech websites to collect and distribute information.  News content includes Apple IOS, android, cloud technology and gadgets.

These 10 tech portals should keep you busy for a while.  We hope you find something useful on them.

Nick & Ellie