A look at the most luxurious, most expensive homes in Arkansas

In the past we’ve talked about the most expensive homes in the world as well as some of Fort Smith premier homes.  This time, it’s the highest-priced, most luxurious homes in the state of Arkansas.

I was amazed by how many absolutely gorgeous houses are on the market throughout our state.  It’s true – the average homebuyer probably can’t afford them, but it never hurts to dream.  And it never hurts to see what Arkansas has to offer in terms of beauty, elegance and luxury.  You can go to LuxuryPortfolio.com and check out all 55 listings.  For now, here are a few highlights.

Here’s a ranch house on 320 acres in Summers, Ark.  As you watch the slideshow, you’ll see bedrooms bigger than most people’s living rooms and bathrooms bigger than many people’s bedrooms.  The asking price for this 5,831-square-foot gem is $2.7 million.

Next is what’s billed as a “stunning lake property” (very accurate description!) in Hot Springs, Ark.  This one is luxurious throughout on its five-acre lot with a guest house that could double for an apartment building in some areas.  Price: $2.49 million

If you’re a cowboy at heart (but a senior partner attorney or brain surgeon in your bank account) here’s a 423-acre working ranch in Evansville, Ark.  The house is fashioned after a hunting lodge and weighs in at 3,495 square feet.  The price is $2.225 million.

Remember the TV show Dallas?  Well, the Ewings didn’t have anything on the person who lands this 122,393-square-foot southern mansion in Little Rock.  Everything you can imagine is on this property including a lovely pool and an elevator.  All for $2.15 million.

The final home we’ll look at here today is this lakefront home in Hot Springs.  The views are mind-blowing, the rooms are big and airy, the amenities are exquisite, and the master suite has closets for him and for her.  This house is on the market for $1.6 million.

These prices are a little higher than what we usually see in Fort Smith, needless to say.  But that’s one of the many great things about Arkansas: no matter what your budget, there’s a place for you to call home.

Luxury, pure and simple.  Expensive, but worth it.

Nick & Ellie