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Fort Smith, Arkansas
Fort Smith (pop. 87,443) is the hub of commerce and activity in northwest Arkansas, a city steeped in history and southern traditions. The second-largest city in the state, it’s the principal city in the Fort Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Region, population 298,592.
The Wild West tamed
In 1817, the city was a frontier military post, right in the middle of what is known as “the Wild West.” In 2007, it was chosen by the U.S. Department of the Interior to be the home of the new United States Marshals Service National Museum.
Living and doing
Today, Fort Smith offers abundant lifestyle choices within several distinct neighborhoods. With a range of home prices to suit most budgets, the city boasts numerous attractions including the Riverfront Amphitheater, the Fort Smith Convention Center, Second Street Live performing and visual arts center and a 24,000-square-foot Expo Center.
Fort Smith is the key shopping destination for residents of western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. Central Mall, located on busy Rogers Ave., is the largest indoor shopping facility in Arkansas. Throughout the city are big-name retailers such as Walmart, Dillard’s, Sears, J.C. Penny, Kohl’s, Lowe’s and Home Depot.
With Sparks Health System, Baldor Electric Company and OK Foods as its top employers, Fort Smith is home to manufacturing plants operated by Georgia-Pacific, Mitsubishi Power Systems America, Rheem, Planters Peanuts, Trane, Umarex USA and others.
Notables who live or have lived here include Marty Stouffer (Wild America TV series); sportscaster Charlie Jones; film director James Cotton; and Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Mark Darr.
City motto: “Life’s worth living in Fort Smith, Arkansas.”
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Greenwood, Arkansas
Seventeen miles southeast of Fort Smith, Greenwood (pop. 8,952) is a community known for its small-town atmosphere and big-city conveniences. With its clear skies, lovely landscape and a true focus on community, Greenwood is a great place to settle down and enjoy the many amenities available to its residents.
A thriving business community coupled with an outstanding school district makes Greenwood ideal for family lifestyles. There’s a large number of churches, a growing parks and recreation system and a city planning department that puts a strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices.
Greenwood has a pleasing selection of homes in a variety of sizes and price ranges, many of which would be ideal for the first-time homebuyer. Neighborhoods throughout the city include everything from older, established sectors with lots of history to newer, more modern neighborhoods close to schools, shopping and services.
City motto: “A great place to live, work and shop.”
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Van Buren, Arkansas
Van Buren (pop. 22,791) lies seven miles northeast of Fort Smith and is known for having some of the most majestic lakes and mountains in the United States. For those who appreciate natural beauty, spectacular scenery and intriguing history, Van Buren is a wonderful place to live.
An easy-going city with real personality, Van Buren offers shopping, hiking, camping, fishing and great food, all easy to access and fun for singles, couples and families. Residents consider it a safe and delightful place to live without the costs and busy-ness of larger cities.
Taking a walk down the beautifully restored Victorian Main Street is like moving into a more gracious and elegant time.  The shops and boutiques here are on Arkansas’ Antique Trail and have become a choice shopping destination for rare collectibles, unique gifts, original art, local Ozark crafts, home decorations and antiques.
Van Buren School District motto: “Every Child – Whatever it Takes.”
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Alma, Arkansas
Situated in the beautiful foothills of the Ozark Mountains along the Arkansas River, Alma (pop. 4,160) is about 15 miles northeast of Fort Smith. Here you’ll find a lifestyle that is invigorating and yet relaxed, all within the natural scenic beauty of the land.
Alma boasts a full range of amenities including schools with North Central Accreditation (the highest rating given to Arkansas schools), several churches, three hospitals within 20 miles and great shopping here in town and more in nearby Van Buren and Fort Smith.
There’s also a community water park, the Eagle Crest Golf Course, and plenty of opportunities for boating, fishing, camping, picnicking, swimming, softball, baseball and tennis. Neighboring cities have swimming pools and lots of play areas for kids.
City motto: “Crossroads of America.”
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Lavaca, Arkansas
Lavaca (pop.1,825) is a small community 13 miles east of Fort Smith and is part of the Forth Smith, Arkansas-Oklahoma Metropolitan Statistical Area.  Ideal for those who long for a life in a peaceful setting, Lavaca is surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility.
A centerpiece of Lavaca is the Military Road Museum, which opened in the late 1990s to protect and preserve the history of the town. With a growing collection of artifacts, the museum outgrew its original site and is now highly accessible on Main Street, in the former Dayton Brewer Drug Store building.
For children, Lavaca provides a quality education through its elementary, middle and high schools. There’s a school health program operated at the middle school and after school programs and activities that promote pride in the Lavaca school system and the entire community.
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Barling, Arkansas
About five miles southeast of Fort Smith lies the city of Barling (pop. 4,176), a 21-square-mile community that’s ideal for country living but still within easy reach of larger shopping and recreational areas.
Situated along the picturesque Arkansas River, Barling was named for the early English colonist Eggface Barling. The community grew after the opening of Fort Chafee during World War II. Barling received national attention when Elvis Presley entered the Army at Fort Chafee and received his famous military haircut.
Because it’s so close to Fort Smith, residents of this small town enjoy a peaceful country lifestyle infused with all the amenities of a larger city – from great shopping and restaurants to cultural events and a complete list of professional services.
Barling Elementary School motto: “Our school is committed to striving for excellence – today and in the future!”
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Roland, Oklahoma
Residents of this town just over the border into Oklahoma consider themselves lucky for many reasons including the beautiful surroundings, the down-home atmosphere and the convenience of a quick 13 mile drive southwest into Fort Smith.
The town of Roland (pop. 2,842) might itself be considered lucky after selling the nation’s largest (to date) Powerball lottery ticket that won $105.8 million in June 2007. But the lottery aside, Roland provides a wonderful lifestyle for singles, couples and families.
Although it’s a small town, Roland provides a preschool, elementary school, junior high school and high school so kids can receive their education close to home. A variety of stores, restaurants and services are available in town and many more in the thriving city of Fort Smith.
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Muldrow, Oklahoma
The small town of Muldrow (pop. 3,466) lies across the Oklahoma/Arkansas border, about 15 miles west of Fort Smith. It was named for Henry Muldrow, a Mississippi congressman and friend of one of the town’s founding fathers.
Set within just four square miles, Muldrow offers a lifestyle that can only be found in America’s smaller towns. Because Fort Smith is so close by, residents here feel that they have the best of both worlds: relaxed, country living and access to all the shopping, entertainment and services of a larger, thriving city.
Notable Muldrow residents include 1996 Miss America, Shawntel Smith; The Harvey family, who won a $105.8 million Powerball jackpot on a ticket bought in nearby Roland; professional poker player Jordan Morgan, who has won more than a million dollars in tournaments; and former pro football player and Muldrow High School team coach, Glen Condren.
Muldrow Independent School District motto: “Succeeding Today, Preparing for Tomorrow, Inspiring for a Lifetime of Achievement.”
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Mountainburg, Arkansas
Mountainburg (pop. 682), about 25 miles northeast of Fort Smith, is a peaceful town ideal for authentic country living. Secluded and surrounded by nature, Mountainburg doesn’t have many residents, although two of them – a pair of dinosaurs – do stand out.
Once a busy community when U.S. Highway 71 was a main thoroughfare, today Mountainburg is known for its easy lifestyle and two recreated dinosaurs in its city park. A tyrannosaurus rex gazes out at the lovely Boston Mountains Scenic Loop, and a brontosaurus is big enough for kids to enter and explore.
With Fort Smith and all its shopping, events and services within easy driving distance, Mountainburg is a perfect community for people looking for a simpler life in a beautiful, natural setting like you’ll only find in northwest Arkansas.
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Hackett, Arkansas

Living just 11 miles south of Forth Smith, Hackett (pop. 812) residents enjoy small-town community life while appreciating the close proximity to a large city. For many surrounding towns and cities, Fort Smith provides a multitude of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences.
A popular point of interest in Hackett is Deer Acres Zoo. Open to the public every Saturday in May and to groups from April to mid-June, the zoo gives visitors the opportunity to hand-feed and pet deer, lamas, goats, sheep, horses and donkeys.
Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center in Poteau and Harbor View Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith are minutes away. Hackett has its own school district that administers a K-6 elementary school and a 7-12 high school.
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Sallisaw, Oklahoma

Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library
The largest city in Oklahoma’s Sequoyah County, Sallisaw (pop. 8,880) lies 23 miles northwest of Fort Smith in one of the most beautiful sections of eastern Oklahoma. Three highways run through Sallisaw, making it easy to get in and out for its residents and visitors.
Prior to establishment in 1889, the land that is now Sequoyah County was owned by Spain, France, the Cherokee Nation Indian Territory and the United States. The city’s name comes from the French word salaiseau, which means “salt provisions.”
Sallisaw provides education at two elementary schools, a middle school and a high school. The health needs of the community are served by Sequoyah Memorial Hospital. Perhaps the city’s most notable former resident was outlaw Pretty Boy Floyd. Country singer Brad Paisley mentions Sallisaw in his song “I Wish You’d Stay.”
City motto: “Built on Pride, Dedicated to Excellence.”
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Mulberry, Arkansas
For those seeking a quiet, country atmosphere, Mulberry (pop. 1,627) should be high on the list of considerations.  Located just 25 miles east of the thriving city of Fort Smith, residents here truly enjoy the best of both worlds.
Mulberry is situated between the majestic Ozark Mountains and the Arkansas River Valley, with quick access to larger city activities and an industrial park adjacent to Interstate 40. This is a city primed for growth with old-world charm and modern sophistication.
Ideal for family living, Mulberry provides two elementary schools, two high schools and a head-start program. There’s a selection of progressive churches and a full menu of businesses covering professional services, food, entertainment, medical and more.
Mulberry Senior High School motto: “Pursuing education excellence.”
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Mansfield, Arkansas
Located 25 miles south of Fort Smith on the Sebastian County/Scott County line, Mansfield (pop. 1,097) offers a thriving business community, an exceptional school system and a variety of churches representing many denominations.
Mansfield became a city in 1888; one report says it was named by a railroad surveyor who, when asked how far he had progressed, replied he had “made it to the middle of some man’s field.” (Man’sfield) A more likely explanation has the city named for Arkansas Supreme Court Judge W. Mansfield.
Over the years, Mansfield residents have endured hard times, not the least of which was the Great Depression and the dwindling of coal mining operations. But one thing hasn’t changed: the city still reflects community pride in a down-home, friendly atmosphere.
City motto: “Gateway to Poteau Mountain.”
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Charleston, Arkansas

Just 20 miles from the amenities of thriving Fort Smith, Charleston (pop. 2,965) is enough removed to provide everything one could want in a peaceful, small-town setting. Still, the city is poised for economic growth in the manufacturing, retail and service sectors.
Points of interest within Charleston include a fitness/wellness trail, baseball and basketball facilities, skate park, public park with playground and walking track, and Charleston Lake, where visitors can fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Charleston provides excellent educational opportunities in its elementary school, middle school and high school. In 2007, eighth-grade students placed first in the state in literacy scores. The next year, graduating high school seniors received more than $1 million in scholarships. Education continues to be a key focus in this lovely small town.
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Cedarville, Arkansas
The city of Cedarville (pop. 1,394) is about 17 miles north of Fort Smith and is the perfect living experience for those seeking small-town life in a beautiful, natural setting. With plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment close by in Fort Smith and an easy-going, friendly hometown atmosphere, what could be better?
In April 2011, the first new library in the city in 46 years opened to the public. It includes a meeting room, a children’s section, four computer stations and an early-childhood literacy computer area. The library was paid for by the state and, to a lesser extent, children who dropped pennies into donation jars.
Community involvement and pride is what makes smaller cities like Cedarville successful. Residents appreciate the friendly, easy-going environment and a lifestyle that’s perfect for families, couples and single individuals.
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Booneville, Arkansas
Thirty miles southeast of Fort Smith, Booneville (pop. 3,990) lies just above the majestic Ozark National Forest. A short drive to the east is Blue Mountain Lake. And all around is the beauty of country living as can only be found in scenic northwest Arkansas.
Booneville notables include major league pitcher Dizzy Dean (born just outside the city); actress Kimberly Foster, who played “Michelle Stevens” on the TV series Dallas; Miss America Elizabeth Gracen; and Paul Williams, former U.S. federal judge for the western district of Arkansas.
Within the city and very close by, Booneville residents enjoy a community center, a senior citizens center, a community hospital, a municipal airport and new school facilities. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and other outdoors activities are readily available in nearby national forests and state parks.
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