Four “celebrity” homes in Arkansas

According to, four celebrities (or well-knowns) live in Arkansas (or at least have a home here).  There are probably more, but that’s all this site lists.  The celebrities are businessman David Glass, child factory operators the Duggar Family, runner Tyson Gay and politician Mike Huckabee.

Let’s look at each one and I’ll include a link in the person’s (or family’s) name, so you can go right to their houses.

David Glass, Bentonville, Arkansas

Glass is a former president and CEO of Walmart Stores Inc.  Right now, he is the owner and CEO of the Kansas City Royals baseball team.  Nothing is said on the CelebrityHousePictures page about the house, but you can tell by looking at the yardage scale in the bottom right of the photo that the house is about as long in one direction as a football field.

Glass was with Walmart from 1976 until 2000.  At that time he stopped being CEO but took a seat on the board of directors and he’s still on the board, according to Wikipedia.  Also in 2000, he bought the Royals for $96 million.

The Duggar family, Springdale, Arkansas 

This is the family with 19 kids from the reality TV show about – what else? – a couple having 19 kids.  All the kids’ first names start with the letter J.  Michelle, the mom, is the only person whose name starts with something else.  The dad is named Jim Bob.  Reminds me of Jim Bob on The Waltons, but even the Waltons knew better than to have 19 kids.

Their house kind of looks like a barn in the aerial view on the celebrity house site.  There are a whole bunch of cars parked outside (no surprise because six of the kids are of driving age).  There’s a basketball court – for a family that has 11 kids over the age of 10, according to Wikipedia.

Tyson Gay, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Tyson is 29 and is a runner who competes 100-meter and 200-meter dash events.  He has won a lot of medals – three gold and one silver World Championships medals; two gold World Cup medals; three gold and one silver World Athletics Final medals; and a gold medal at the Continental Cup.  Medal count is from Wikipedia.

His house in the photo looks like a nice one but it isn’t anywhere near as imposing as David Glass’s.  It’s just a home in a track home development where nobody has any grass and all the trees look dead.  (It might be a photo taken right after the development was finished.  Or it might be related to – see below.)

Mike Huckabee, 34.8183530, -92.2535670 (USA)

Okay – what’s the deal with that location with just numbers?  That’s exactly how the website lists where Huckabee lives.  Good thing at least we know it’s in the USA and not on Mars.  But Huckabee on that site is said to live in Arkansas, so I’m assuming they have that much right.  (If anybody knows if there’s a secret area in Arkansas like that Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico that goes only by a number, please write and tell me.)

Anyway, Huckabee is a pro politician and a talk show host.  His house in the picture looks a little too big to be in a government protected secret military zone.  Eighty percent of the trees on his property look dead, like with Tyson Gay’s house, and there’s no grass and nothing but dirt, also like Gay’s.  Maybe this house is in a section of Arkansas like Area 51.  (Maybe our Area 51 is in Fayetteville and nobody knows about it.)

If you want to read more about Area 51, go to the Area 51 Wikipedia page.  If you want to read more about Fayetteville, which could possibly contain a secret area within it that nobody knows about except Huckabee, and maybe Tyson Gay, go to

Some celebrities have nice homes.  Others are kind of . . . alien.

Nick & Ellie