When I say “Brady Bunch house,” many of you probably have an instant reference. For those who don’t, this is the iconic house whose exterior was regularly depicted on the ABC sitcom The Brady Bunch, which ran from 1969 to 1974. It’s a real house, located at 11122 Dilling St. in North Hollywood, Calif. It’s probably the most famous TV house ever, and it’s one that has caused a lot of problems for owners and neighbors through the years as caravans of lookie-loos have constantly driven by to get a look at the home that partially defined their childhoods.

The house was recently put on the market for $1.885 million. Cable network HGTV wanted it badly, so they offered $3.5 million and closed the sale.

The ironic thing about the Brady Bunch house is that the interior spaces used when shooting the series had nothing to do with the house at all. The house itself was used only for exterior shots between scenes. The real house looks like a tidy single-story home. The interior house was clearly a big two-story job. Dad Mike Brady’s den was stage-right on the set; the actual home has what looks to be a den on the left side of the structure, which on the set was just part of the living room and whatever was “upstairs” from it.

In fact, there’s absolutely no resemblance between the real home’s interior and the TV set. So HGTV is going to gut the home and re-design it so that it looks just like what the show’s fans remember about living with the Bradys.

Former NSYNC group member Lance Bass, who wanted the home himself but was outbid by HGTV, may host a series of episodes showing the refurbishment. When it’s all said and done, the home network plans to sell it for between $4 million and $6 million. Not a bad investment.

It would be funny if one of the original cast who’s still living (all six kids; the rest are gone) bought it and moved in. Actually, it might be a little creepy to live in the house you grew up in on TV. But this is California, and these are Hollywood-types we’re talking about, so it may be completely normal and totally groovy!