They say sex sells, and a couple in Van Buren is banking on it.

Shayne and Jennifer McKinney have come up with a . . . unique way to get their home-for-sale noticed: they built a sex dungeon.

Before you freak out too much, I know Shayne, and he’s a real estate investor, a good guy, and he’s as “normal” as the rest of us, however normal that is.  Jennifer is a Realtor and is the listing agent for the home, so this tactic likely came from the mind of an agent who knows that selling homes in today’s economy takes a little ingenuity.

As to how much ingenuity, I guess that’s for each person to decide. wrote an article about the home and the dungeon in May 2020.

Pretty good asking price (for the sellers)

The 2,837-square-foot home is being marketed (complete with video) as a place that can encourage a more ambitious and healthy sex life for couples.  It’s on the market for $225,000 in a west Arkansas town where the median home price is $135,000.

What’s in the dungeon?

I haven’t gone over to see the dungeon for myself, but describes it:

“A hidden door gives access to the dungeon, leading down a spiral staircase. At the bottom is a full nightclub, outfitted with an entertainer’s pole, along with custom-BDSM furniture Shayne made himself.”

(There are plenty of photos on the page linked above.)

According to the article, Shayne McKinney believes that there isn’t enough choices in the local real estate market for couples who want this kind of diversion to spice up their sex lives.  He seems to be right: within a few days after the listing appeared, thousands of online viewers have checked it out, and the McKinneys are getting tons of calls.

Of course, nobody knows how many of the e-listing visitors were actually interested in buying the home vs. how many just wanted to see what a sex dungeon looks like.  Either way, like the old saying, “No publicity is bad publicity.”

Shayne and Jennifer McKinney may be doing it a little different from most home sellers, but they’re following what we all know to be good advice when trying to sell your home: do something a little different, stand out, get noticed, don’t be part of the herd.

Nick Glidewell