Is your home disorganized? Here’s why.

 Is your home suffering from some excess clutter and disarray?  Okay, how about a lot of excess clutter and disarray?  Most of us have some “messy” areas within our homes, but for others, the situation is getting serious.  The good news is, if you understand what “disorganization” really means, you’ll be more than 50 percent of the way toward a home that’s far more livable and manageable.

Before you panic – don’t worry, we’re not going to advise that you start throwing stuff away in a mass exodus to the landfill.  What we’re going to do is talk about the only two things that lead to disorganization in a home: 1. Not putting things where they belong; and 2. Not having enough places for things.

A place for everything, and everything in its place

You’ve probably heard that saying before.  It’s a smart piece of advice, and one that will keep your home neat and well-kept.  In our busy lives, too often we just put an item down when we’re done with it.  The magazine goes on the couch.  The jacket goes on the chair.  The stack of CDs goes on the kitchen table.  Before long, so many things are misplaced, you can’t find anything.

Every item in your home should have its proper place.  Get in the habit of always putting items where they belong, and clutter will miraculously disappear.  It may be hard at first, but stick to it, and it will become a habit before you know it.

Where will I put it?

It’s possible that the tip above won’t work completely, because you simply don’t have places to put many of the things you have.  Getting rid of some things is an answer, but not necessarily the best one.

What you may be needing is more – and smarter – storage space.  Big plastic totes make great storage devices for things you use regularly as well as for things you hardly ever touch.  Hanging closet organizers can make a massive difference in closet clutter.  New shelving in strategic areas of the home will go a long way toward getting things out of your way and making everything feel neat and orderly.

These are the only two reasons people end up dealing with tons of clutter – things out of place, and no place to put things.  With a little thought and determination, you can get these reasons out of your life and start living in a home that feels good every day of the year.

Nick & Ellie