Self-employment in Arkansas: The numbers are rising

 We’ve been hearing for a long time how more and more Americans are joining the self-employed ranks. compiled some interesting self-employment statistics, using sources such as Forbes, Pew Research Center and Statista.

A large number of people enjoying self-employment in Arkansas work in construction, which would include everything from new homes to shopping centers.  The construction industry overall in America is made up of 68% self-employed individuals.

The agriculture, forestry and fishing industries have the highest percentage of self-employed – 81%.

Economic analysts have been predicting a gradual but large move toward self-employment in America.  Being self-employed offers many advantages to people who are motivated and have in-demand skill sets.  In the Professional and Business Services category, 53% of Americans work for themselves.

Regarding self-employment in Arkansas, stats from numbers show that 6.3% of women and 11.7% of men are self-employed within all industries.

You can read the article “Self-Employed Predominate in Agriculture, Construction.

Nick & Ellie