We’re going to shoot your house!

 What do you do when you have a nice home for sale in Fort Smith, and you want interested buyers EVERYWHERE to see it at its best?  You shoot it!

And that means with an ultra-high quality, professional video presentation, something we do for most of our listings.

That well-appointed home is one of our Fort Smith listings, located at 12007 Ridgeway.  It’s a fantastic property for the right buyer, with a listing price of $639,000.  It’s part of an exclusive selection of homes built within a gated community.

As soon as the camera sweeps in from the entrance, you see why this home is truly special.  A private pond is flanked by rolling hills dotted with clusters of trees and a LOT of land.  And the house itself – wow – what a stunner!  The aerial views really showcase the beauty of this awesome opportunity for buyers who are looking for something magnificent.

Moving with the camera into the home, it’s like stepping off into another world.  Look at all the tasteful furnishings and amenities.  It’s simply beautiful, and as we get the word out to more and more people through this video and our other marketing strategies, it’s just a matter of time until Mr. or Ms. Right sees it and wants to take a more personal look.

Now, I know what you’re saying.  You’re saying, “Sure, you go to a lot of trouble for a home like that, because it’s high-dollar and high-commission for you.”  And we’re saying, “Good try, but you don’t understand how we work.”

Video presentations of homes for sale in Fort Smith and the surrounding areas are a normal part of our marketing, regardless of the selling price of the homes.  Here’s one we put together for two very affordable homes in Greenwood.

The important thing to notice is the amazing quality of this and all our other home-presentation videos, which you can see here.  We don’t care if your home costs $80,000 or $800,000 – we’ll give it the “white glove treatment” to present all its best features and values to the world.

Nick and I spend our own money to produce videos of our listings.  The people who do the production are experts at both audio and visual excitement and are always able to develop the perfect theme to showcase homes for sale in Fort Smith, Greenwood, Lavaca, Alma and other wonderful places to live in northwest Arkansas.

Without trying to sound like an advertisement – if you want to sell your home and make it VISIBLE to a huge market of buyers, get in touch with us.  “Shooting” your house is just one way.  We have a whole arsenal of methods to attract buyers to your property, regardless of how many numbers come after the dollar sign.

Because the way we look at it, every home has its ideal buyer out there somewhere, and it’s our job to do the legwork and footwork to bring sellers and buyers together.

Ellie Glidewell